Eilat - The 48th Soul

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Neshama 48

Eilat, an Israeli battleship was on a routine watch in the Mediteranean sea when it was attacked by Egyptian missiles and sunk forever, killing 47 of its crew members.

Many of those that made it to the water were then killed by more missiles, gasoline, fire and exaustion.
Moshe Levy was one of the survivors, swimming for nearly 8 hour in the black oily waters of the sea.
His chilling story about the personal trauma, desperation, loneliness and anxiety in those horrifying night hours, are brought together in a book, written by Moshe Levy himself called "The 48th Soul."

The reason for naming his book "The 48th Soul"("Neshama 48")is explained in the book

The 48th Soul - A survival story by Moshe Levy



                                      The story of the battleship Eilat.

The 48th Soul - the story of battleship Eilat, by Moshe Levy